Waiting is so hard. It can get downright exhausting. Am.I.Right?? I’ve always had that ‘work hard and get it done’ mentality. Want a promotion at work? Work hard. Want to buy a house? Work hard. Want a new car? Work hard. It’s allowed me to be able to set a goal and accomplish it. Get it done. Looking back it feels as though I haven’t had to wait for anything. I’ve always been able to achieve what I desire. Definitely not because things were handed to me on a silver platter, but because of the mentality I had. Which has resulted in requiring little patience from me most of my life.

But what happens when what you want can’t be bought? You can’t just make a list, move towards that goal and get it done? What happens when what your heart desires is truly, completely in God’s hands?

That’s where I realize how impatient I really am. I’m not a good wait-er. I’d like to think I’m obedient in my waiting but, if I’m keeping it real, I’m really not. Or at least there is a TON of room for improvement. I get frustrated. I get angry. I question God. Some days I may even throw myself a pity party. I ask ‘Why me?’ much, much more that I’d care to admit.

But then I think about Joseph, Moses, Abraham. I think about the disciples, Jesus’ own squad. His A-Team. They all had to wait. Even Jesus himself had to wait.

And then there’s Job, who lost his livestock, his servants, his children and still praised God in his prayers. Now that is obedience. Boy do I want to have Job’s obedience when I grow up.

While it’s easy for me to get frustrated as I wait on God’s promise I’m reminded of all who have waited before me, and those who wait with me. And I realize I’m in good company. God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. And in the waiting is where your faith is grown.

Lord, help me to wait well. To be in the present and not anxious about the future. Show me that there is joy in the journey. That sorrow and joy can coexist. I know You are a promise keeper. And I know that You are a redeemer. Help me to believe that with all that I am. And to give You the reigns. Amen.

‘Your job is simply to be obedient to God. God will handle everything else.’ Lysa TerKeurst

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