Bible Talk


The bible intimidates me. SO much. Being new to my faith journey I feel so overwhelmed when it comes to reading my Bible, yet I year to grow closer to Jesus. For the month I decided to dig into the gospels, starting in Matthew, to learn more about who Jesus really was. I always hear people saying that a certain verse spoke to them and I’ve always wanted that, but it’s never happened to me. I find myself getting frustrated when I turn to God’s words and nothing is speaking to me. Last night before I started reading I mentioned to my  my frustrations and he told me to pray about it and ask God to speak to me. And so I did. Not a big, elaborate prayer. I just prayed that God would allow my eyes to see what He wants my heart to hear.

And then it happened. Staring right back at me.

In this season of waiting it’s easy for me to grow impatient. It’s easy for me to wonder if my prayers will be answered. It’s easy for me to feel like I’m not being heard or seen.

But God see me. He hears me. He believes. He believes in us before we even believe in ourselves.

Pray about it, believe in it, and don’t worry. Let God do the rest….


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