Grit & Grace


Lately I’ve been struggling with being and feeling strong. I’ve been told all my life how strong I am and I’ve always believed that. Without a doubt. But then sometimes life happens and you constantly feel like you’re being pulled under water, and being let up just enough to gasp for air and then back under again. This is what this past year has felt like for me. And then some. I’ve found myself pleading with God lately ‘God, if you’re giving me all of this because of my strength please don’t. Take it back, I can’t deal.’ As if somehow my prior display of strength has made me ‘earn’ the hardships I’ve had to endure lately. And then I heard a voice say ‘Don’t focus on what God’s not doing. Focus on what He IS doing.’

I felt encouraged to listen to one of my favorite podcasts, This Grit and Grace Life. Specifically episode 016 – What Makes a Woman Strong (might surprise you). And I can see God’s work in that encouragement. I’m reminded that being strong doesn’t always look the same. Not even day-to-day. Sometimes you have to remind yourself just how strong you are, and how far you’ve really come. Daily. And sometimes you need to hear that voice to help you change your perspective on things.

When you’re in the valley it’s easy to want to take control. My plan feels easier, but His plan IS better. It may not always make sense, especially in the moment, but through Him and His grace I become strong. His patience for me is unwavering, and His love for me is unimaginable. God knows what you need, even when you don’t even ask for it.

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