Hey, What’s Up, Hello


Hi, I’m Tarah. I wanted to create this space as an outlet for my thoughts and feelings. After losing our first child, Maddox Jacob, in March 2017 I started writing to express my emotions. Anyone who experiences pregnancy loss knows your mind is on constant over-drive. Flooded with thoughts, emotions, feelings. I felt so misunderstood, yet I felt a strong desire to face my emotions and allow myself to feel them. Sit in them. Express them. I began to have a strong yearning for authenticity. Realness. I found myself gravitating towards people who were raw. Unfiltered. Vulnerable. Willing to share their brokenness and feelings with anyone and everyone. I found it so beautiful. I found it so strong. I found it immensely healing.

The reality is life isn’t this perfect picture we all try to attain. It’s more like a winding road filled with hills, peaks, and valleys. Sometimes it’s dark, muddy. Yet other times it’s a field of colorful brilliance, and all that’s in-between. So I created this space where I could express life authentically.  Where judgement and shame is abandoned. A space where love is a constant presence. In every season. A place where we can all feel the beauty and freedom of living a filter free life.